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Wishon Bass Lake Campground Review

Bass Lake is located in the Sierra National Forest about 15 miles from the southern entrance to Yosemite. At an elevation of 3,400 feet, Bass Lake is a great place to enjoy water Bass Lake CA Lake Viewactivities during the summer. During the spring and fall, Bass Lake is an oasis for fishing and other activities. Wishon is the smallest camp at Bass Lake and set at the end of the lake, near the dam. There are several lakeview and partial lake view sites to choose from.

General information:

The Wishon campground is located a few miles off of California State Route 41 about 35 miles north of Fresno, California. This lakeside campground is open May to September. Reservation for the summer months are recommended and can be booked online. Wishon campground has 47 campsites, several of them that are double sized for up to 12 people and 4 vehicles. Each site includes picnic tables and fire pits. Piped drinking water is available at several locations around the campgrounds. Camp hosts and firewood sales are also available on site. There are sites for RVs up to 30 feet long. The sites are a combination of dirt and graded dirt. There are some sites with a lot of slope, so leveling may be an issue for RVs.

Campground Photos:

Click on the picture below to see all the Bass Lake Wishon Point pictures.

Bass Lake Wishon 13 Bass Lake Photos

Bath Facilities:

There are four bathhouse buildings in the campground. Of the buildings I observed, the bathrooms are private stalled with flush toilets and washbasins. I have seen cleaner facility at some of the State Parks, but these were acceptable. Showers are not available at the campground. Bass Lake Wishon 5 There is a private shower building located at Millers Landing resort which can be reached via a trail located by campsite 18. Price for the showers is 3.00 per five minutes, and they are open as late as 10:00 PM. Please check with the resort to get the exact hours as they can change during the season.

Our family was able to set up a Cabela’s shower shelter and take a quick shower using our Coleman Hot Water on Demand unit.


Dogs are permitted, two per site, and must be kept on a 6-foot leash during the day and need to be in confined areas overnight.

Best sites:

If you’re looking for a lakeview, you will need to reserve sites 1 through 4 months in advance. Bass Lake Wishon 17 If you’re looking for a peak of the lake through the pines, then sites 40 through 47 are a good bet. If you’re looking for a short walk to the nearby store, restaurant, and showers, then sites 9 through 18 will keep you close by. Be aware of the steep uphill walk back to camp.

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  1. I Goggled the following "Which Wishon campsite is closest to the trail to Miller's Landing?" and your site popped up!! We have stayed in Wishon many times but could not recall which site was closest to the trail. Excellent information, thank you so much!

  2. Thanks for visiting my site. I hope you have a great trip the next time you visit Bass Lake.

  3. Helpful review. Good to know there are no showers in the campground itself, although there are some nearby.

  4. Great site! We've camped at Wishon lots but usually on the back side between 39 and 47. Decided to mix it up this year and took site 11. It's considered a large site but I'm worried that it is one of those long/narrow sites that has little room for large tents. Ever been to site 11 and if so how is it? I know it will be great to get to Millers and the Showers, but otherwise I just can't recall. Also, now that they do reservations any tips on getting the sites 1 - 5..they always seem to go so quick.

    Thanks, Roy

  5. Have you driven to Yosemite Valley from here? Google is saying it's 1.5 hours but I was thinking it might be a bit closer.


  6. Roy, I like the back side of the campsites for the filtered view of the lake and a quick walk to the Wishon Point boat launch area. I haven't camped over by site 11 yet. For getting the prime site locations (1 - 5) you will need to reserve early in the season as soon as they take reservation. I know when we try to get California state park reservation I try to get a couple people on line and on the phone as soon as sites are released. It's almost like trying to get tickets to a major sporting event. Another tip is to book a site and then check back weekly for cancellations on the popular sites. I know I have had to cancel a couple of camping trips at the last minute and give up my prime reservations that I snagged 6 months prior.

  7. Savannah, It's about 20 minutes from Bass Lake to the south entrance of Yosemite and then about another 50 minutes to an hour to the Valley. The drive is on a windy road so yes it does take some time. It won't matter as the drive and the views are spectacular and you will more then likely stop a few times on the way to the valley. I like to stop at the Wawona campground area, the Tunnel view lookout and Bridalveil Falls. Plan on a full day trip from Bass lake. Have fun!

  8. Looking into booking a stie here, we have stayed at spring cove before and like that we had easy ascess to the lake for swimming and fishing from the shore(no boats for us). Is there easy beach access from wishon? Looking into campsite #45 one of the double occupancy sites.

  9. AnonymousJune 03, 2012

    Camping at Bass Lake for the first time next week. Thanks for the information. We are staying at the Spring Cove campground though. We will have to walk through Wishon and take a peak for next year :)

  10. At Wishon there is beach access across the road or a short hike down the hill to the lake. Hope you have a great trip.

  11. I was thinking of trying to get space 4. I have two 14x9 cabin style tents. Do you think the space has enough room for both tents? Thanks in advance.

  12. AnonymousJune 27, 2013


    I stayed at a campsite on Bass Lake over 20 years ago and I remember there was lots of fool's gold on the beach - so much that we left golden footprints in the wet sand. I can't remember which campground we were at - just that it was the first one that we found coming down from Yosemite that was open around Easter, very late at night... There were tall pines and we could see the lake through the trees. Could it have been Wishon? Or do you have a guess?
    Thank you so much!