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Wishon Bass Lake Campground Part 2

Good Eating:
Dining choices are limited to the near-by Millers Landing Grill and the Forks Restaurant on the campground side of the lake. Ducey’s on the Lake is a 15-minute drive on the other side of the lake. Each of these locations has a general store to pick up forgotten items.
Fishing can be good in the spring and fall at this lake. A combination of bass, trout, and other warm-water species are available. During the summer the warm-water temperatures make this lake a prime area for wakeboarding and tubing.
Bass Lake CA Lakeside Hiking
Several hiking trails are available at Bass Lake. The following is a small list of trails to try out:
Willow Creek Trail and Angel Falls
Goat Mountain / Spring Cove Trails
Way of the Mono Interpretive Trail
For more information check out the Bass Lake Trail Page from
Due to the low elevation and abundant water source mosquitoes and wasp can be an issue. An ample supply of insect repellant is mandatory. The majority of Bass Lake regulars have invested in those big screened patios to keep the pests out while eating around the picnic table.
Squirrels and raccoons are around the campground. Please remember to store your food properly, either in the RV or the vehicle. There are a few bears around, but they are not as problematic as the bears in Yosemite up the hill.
Things to do:
In the spring and fall, fishing and hiking are the top activities. As summer rolls around and the water temperatures warm up, then everyone hits the water to cool off. There are two paved boat launching areas (Pines Resort and Wishon Point). You can also rent boats and other watercraft at Miller’s, Fork’s or Pines Resort.
bass lake wishon water 1
Insiders tip:
If you’re looking to rent a boat try early morning or midweek (Monday – Thursday) for a discount. You can also ask for a discount if you see a lot of unused watercraft sitting around the rental dock.
Part one of my Wishon Bass lake Campground Review
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  1. Love your review...never been there and are planning a big family trip this summer. Could you label your photos? We have already booked our sites, but are trying to get an idea of the views from various campsites and think your photos may be really helpful. Thanks!!

  2. The majority of the pics are from sites 37-47, which offer a peak view of the lake between the trees. If you're looking for a better view of the lake then the sites located on the loop with campsites 2, 3, and 4 are nice. These site drop off to the main road and can be noisy and may not be suited for young children.

    Thanks for checking out my post.

  3. Nice post and full of info. I plan to take a trip there soon at site 047 because of easy access to the lake. Any shore fishing tips for the derby?

  4. Thanks for your comments. I don't have any tips for shore fishing, but check up on the weekly fishing report in the Fresno Bee and call the numbers listed for Bass lake to get the current information.

  5. AnonymousJune 10, 2010

    Do you know anything about site #33
    It was the only one left for this weekend. Never been there before. But booked this site.
    Last one left is that a bad thing?
    Nice info on your site thank you.

  6. The last time I was there I was at site #37. I think you will be ok, just a longer walk to the lake or Millers Landing. Just note that if you are in a travel trailer or tent trailer you may need to bring some extra leveling blocks and a shovel as the pads for a trailer are not paved and might not be very level. You should have some great weather this weekend. I can't stress enough that you will need bucket load of mosquito repellant.

  7. AnonymousJune 23, 2010

    Are you allowed to set up tents in an RV site?

  8. This weekend it hit 106 degrees in Central Valley, so we packed up our little family and headed for the hills, the Sierra National Forest that is! We ended up at a campground by the name of Black Rock. With a total of 10 campsites and a very winding and cliff hugging narrow road, it was very secluded and serene. There is an unpaved road with access to an Angler's trailhead, and a nice view of Black Rock Resevoir. I would not reccomend taking the kids as there is very little water access and some very scary mountain drops. The scenic views are definetly the best part of this site. Your going to want to take your camera. We heard the fishing was good, but couldn't agree from our experience. The ride up on Black Rock Rd was terrifying, bad road conditions, a narrow one lane road, mixed with the sheer cliff drop sides. There is access comming from the opposite direction,toward Wishon Resevoir, Dinkey Creek Rd, but it will add about an hour to your trip, trust me it's worth it! Got out of the heat, the elevation is 4,040 Ft. so we dropped about 10 degrees or atleast thats what it felt like, mission accomplished!

  9. Hi, i would love to visit bass lake next summer and i'm just wondering how warm could i expect the air temp to be during July-Aug? The lake is 3600 feet above sea level is that not high enough to deter those horrid mosquitos?

    Thanks, Ryan from Wales

  10. When we went in July 2009 the temperature was in the high 90's. Most of the daytime hours were spent by the lake so we could jump in and cool off. Evenings were cooler with the exception of one night when the wind was still. While the mosquitoes are thick they could be controlled with some repellent and the citronella candles. The real problem was with the yellow jackets or meat-bees as the call them around here. Every time we tried to cook during daylight hours they would fly around the stove making your life difficult. The majority of the regulars that visit the Bass Lake campgrounds, use those screen rooms to keep the insects out.