Thursday, December 3, 2009

BAL® Light Trailer Tire Leveler Review

Have you ever purchased a product and wondered how you ever lived Ball Leveler 2without it? Well the BAL Leveler is one of those special products. After many trips using boards and sets of Lynx Levelers blocks this product is the real deal and will have your tent trailer dead on level in a big hurry.
The unit folds flat for storage and comes already supplied with the ratchet wrench. The leveler is placed under the wheel that needs to be raised, my trailer has 12“ BAL Leveler 1 wheels so I place a block of wood to help close the gap. I threaded the long screw, added some light grease and used the ratchet to crank it up to a level position. My Colman-Fleetwood Yuma tent trailer is not that heavy so its easy to get the tire off the ground. Once this is done it’s a matter of getting the front and back level with the trailer stand.
Another great feature is that this unit will securely chock the wheel and has less play then other wheel chocks. I still use my current set of chocks on the other side. With both of them in place, my tent trailer is a lot more stable now.
The leveler will only lift your Pop-up about six inches. It is not advisable to put boards or blocks under the leveler. At Wishon Point at Bass Lake I had to dig a hole on one side for my tire to allow leveling with the BAL Leveler.Ball leveler 3
You will find a great debate on the Pop-up forums about using this product. A lot of people still like using the blocks and driving back and forth to level their trailer, but for about $70.00 (including shipping) this unit will cut down on a lot of camp setup frustration.

My rating on this device is a solid 5 out of 5 stars due to the time savings and how it will securely chock the wheels. In my opinion, this is money well spent if you own a pop-up tent trailer.

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